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The tangerines at my parents´ finca are delicious!

When I was preparing for my stays abroad as part of my doctoral research, I thought to myself: a blog would be a great idea to document my experiences and let others share them. And then … why not create a platform for exchanging ideas on topics relating to rural and village development in Europe at the same time? And that’s how ruralvision.eu came about.

I was born and grew up on the northern side of the Canary Island of Tenerife which belongs to Spain. I spent my childhood right next to the “laurisilva”, the evergreen Canarian cloud forest . After graduating from secondary school there and with a diploma in Business Administration from the local university, I moved to Germany in 2009 to continue my studies. My professional specialties are rural, village and regional development, as well as business development.

I have worked as a LEADER manager and as project leader of a research and development project for rural electromobility in the Rural District of Göttingen. At present I am employed as a research associate at the University of Applied Science and Art and am working on my doctorate on the subject of village resilience,  which is being carried out in cooperation with the University of Vechta.

This blog is motivated on the one hand by the desire to raise awareness of the special situation of rural areas in Europe and on the other to exchange information about good examples and solutions at European level with other academics and people working in the field.

Vines in the high areas of La Victoria, Tenerife

Let us act as a bridge between countries and figure out a vision for the future of the countryside.

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